Monday, February 23, 2009

ManCat Monday

Peffe: Guess what? I got accepted into the furry exclusive M-Cats Club! It's a club for ManCats to hang out, have some fun, help others, and go on some wonderful Adventures! So no gurls allowed!

Lussie: When can i join the club?
Peffe: You can't! It's not for gurlcats.
Lussie: Fine! I'll make my own club then!


  1. Congratulations, Peffe. Lussie, there is a club for girl cats. I can't remember the name right now, but you might ask Daisy about it. She is a member.

  2. That's a great club to belong to Peffe!

  3. Lussie, I will join too!! Goldie is in the Mancats and Shade is with the tuxies!

    I have been trying to chase my tail to be part of the "Tail Chasers" but it isn't working.

    Purrs Banshee

  4. Concats on your acceptance into the M-Cats club, Peffe, what an honor!

    Lussie, us gurls on the creek would join your gurl club!

  5. Hey, Peffe, you look a lot like our Cameron. He's a tuxie with green eyes too.

    Is there a tabby club, Lussie? You could certainly join that one.